Inclusion and diversity

What is Inclusion and diversity at AstraZeneca?

Company efforts to ensure that the workforce, at all levels, reflects the diversity of the populations in which we operate, as well as different backgrounds, cultures and experiences. This involves going beyond non-discrimination to promoting equality and inclusive behaviour in the workplace and communities where the company operates.

Our approach

We see inclusive behaviour and a diverse workforce as a business imperative. Inclusion and Diversity is one of the three pillars of our People strategy driving innovation, engagement and a sense of connection and belonging. Our strategy asks us all to demonstrate inclusive leadership, to speak up, listen up and follow up with great ideas and fresh perspectives. Through our emphasis on structural inclusion to promote equality and eliminate unconscious bias, we also focus on building and sustaining a diverse talent pipeline.

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Our targets and progress

Our stories

Design for Inclusive leadership: Global Inclusion & Diversity Council

We know that inclusion is a behaviour that should be demonstrated by all our employees, and that is why our concept of inclusive leadership applies to all. We define it as:

  • Appreciating individuals for who they are, valuing and leveraging their differences, contributing to a psychologically safe environment
  • Supporting lifelong learning through coaching and honest performance-related feedback
  • Ensuring the right people are assigned to do the right work at the right time

By launching our first Global Inclusion & Diversity Council, which is chaired by our CEO, we are setting the tone from the top. The Council includes representatives from each of the SET areas and key geographies. This diverse strategic body is accountable for developing and implementing an inclusion and diversity strategy for each SET area and key geography, to ensure the global approach is tailored for our business model.

Building a Speak-up culture: Inclusion and diversity events

Our success depends on fostering an entrepreneurial mindset that drives disruption and innovation, and this can only be done if we encourage great ideas to be considered, debated and pursued. To foster opportunities to speak up, we host employee inclusion and diversity events.

For the first time, this year we a took a global approach to 'Empowerment Summits.' These are employee conferences on inclusion and diversity that are conducted with locally relevant content curated by local teams. Summits were held across the US, AsiaPac, Brazil, Sweden, Poland and the UK, with plans for expansion to other countries in the future. Our employee resource groups (ERGs), led by volunteers at various sites, continue the dialogue throughout the year. These groups emphasise alignment with our business strategy and capability to support inclusive leadership, speak up culture and a diverse pipeline.

Building and sustaining a diverse talent pipeline

In France, a student’s educational path and access to employment can depend on social, territorial, ethnic and cultural background. It takes six generations in France to get out of poverty compared to four on average in OECD countries. Equality of opportunity remains to be achieved.

In 2019, AstraZeneca took action on social inclusion as a founding partner of L'Ascenseur (the Elevator in English). L’Ascenseur brings together 20 associations to implement solutions that contribute to placing the social elevator back into service.

AstraZeneca and L’Ascenseur are developing the first collaborative cross-association program. Our employees will commit alongside the company through mentorship, workshops, tutoring, coaching, etc. to take up this challenge. This will help AstraZeneca France enrich its pipeline of young talented people from various origins and backgrounds.

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